How I work

I am interested in how we can live well, balancing life’s stresses with opportunities for growth and enjoyment. I can work with you to recognise and allow the life you really want and will work differently with each client according to their own unique needs, creating conditions that encourage growth.

I believe spirituality is an important aspect of our humanity and will work with clients to find their own understanding and expression of a rich and grounded spiritual life, regardless of religion. Strongly influenced by the work of Carl Jung and by the writings of Annie Dillard, John O’Donohue and Richard Rohr among others, I make room for the soulful and the creative in my work with clients.

Jessica Davies counsellor London, specialising in anxiety, spirituality, bereavement, loss, trauma

A qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), I have  Diplomas in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling.

I work particularly with anxiety, depression, trauma and loss; loss of belonging and cultural identity as well as loss through bereavement, including childhood bereavement.

Open to both short-term (usually 6-12 sessions) and open-ended work. Typically, sessions are weekly and are 50 minutes.

About me

I grew up in the Wicklow Mountains, in Ireland and lived my teenage years divided between rural Dorset and New York City.  I have now lived in London for nearly thirty years and am interested in how we can live well, wherever we are.

With over twenty years experience working in the charitable sector, I was drawn to train with Re-Vision: Counselling and Psychotherapy with a Soulful Perspective because of their belief that counselling and psychotherapy are vital for transformation in troubled times. For more information about Re-Vision, please click here. 

I am also a practicing member of the Community of Spiritual Directors associated with the London Centre for Spirituality. For more information about spiritual direction, please click here.

Jessica Davies counsellor London, specialising in anxiety, spirituality, bereavement, loss, trauma BACP registered

About counselling and psychotherapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity to explore troubling aspects of our lives and how we might be influenced by our early experiences. A respectful and empathetic relationship between therapist and client offers a safe and non-judgemental space to explore our experiences and how we have learned to be: with ourselves, with others and in the world around us.

Research shows that counselling and psychotherapy are effective in alleviating depression, distress and anxiety and for bringing about change as well as healing and recovery from painful or traumatic experiences. Typically, sessions are at the same time each week for an agreed period of time. Whilst it is not necessary to distinguish between counselling and psychotherapy in sessions, psychotherapy tends toward deeper, more long-term work.

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